In order to ensure the implementation of the cross-border cooperation Programme Serbia – Montenegro, it was adopted a multiannual financing decision of Programme, which constitutes the multiannual work of the Programme for the period 2021- 2027.

The objectives pursued by the multiannual Programme are to promote good neighborly relations, foster Union integration and enhance the socio-economic development of the Programme cross-border area through social and economic inclusion of specific groups, especially youth, and the competitiveness of tourism.

The priorities selected for the financing of the Program are Employment, labour mobility as well as Encouraging Tourism and Cultural and Natural Heritage:

  • Thematic priority 1: Employment, labour mobility and social and cultural inclusion across borders

SO 1.1 To improve the quality of public health and social services for inclusion of marginalized groups in the programme area


  • Thematic priority 5: Encouraging tourism and cultural and natural heritage

SO 2.1 To enhance and promote commonly coordinated cross-border tourism offer based on a protected cultural and natural heritage


The maximum European Union contribution for the implementation of the Programme is set at EUR 8,400,000.

Document for the IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program Serbia – Montenegro for the Financial Perspective 2021-2027

Multiannual financing decision of Programme