Within the project ” Common actions for better care ” a five-day camp was held in Serbia, on the Golija mountain, in the period from July 22-26, 2022. The camp was held for adult users 27+ accompanied by parents from the Aid Association for mentally underdeveloped persons  “Tahir Taša Delić” from Novi Pazar, which is a licensed service provider and from the PI Day Center “Tisa” from Bijelo Polje. In total 50 people participated in the camp, 20 beneficiaries and 20 parents accompanying the beneficiaries, and 10 professional workers from the mentioned institutions.

Vocational activities, workshops for decoupage, embroidery, making mosaics were organized with the users and their parents. The exchange of experiences between the two institutions was of great importance for further work and cooperation. Physical activities were also organized where various exercises, sports games, relaxation and nature walks were practiced. Parties were also organized for users and their parents, along with music competitions, where users showed their talents in song and dance, as well as playing instruments. An evening of music was also organized where the beneficiaries and their parents, together with the professional workers, saw off and marked the end of the camp. During the camp, art works were created that will be part of the exhibition planned for September 2022.

“This camp is beautiful and very useful for children. The children are fulfilled, happy and cooperate well. Every change and little thing is significant for them.” – Edina Sinanović, parent, camp participant.