The IPA II CBC Serbia – Montenegro 2014-2020 is the second generation of the cross border cooperation programmes between the two countries. The programme for cross-border cooperation between the Republic of Serbia and Montenegro will be implemented under the framework of the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA II). IPA II supports cross-border cooperation with a view to promoting good neighborly relations, fostering union integration and promoting socio-economic development.

The programme’s general objective is to contribute to economic, social and territorial development of the programme area by fostering integration, joint development and use of potentials and opportunities to make the area attractive to live and work in. The programme intervention areas shall build on strengths and potentials to seize the most relevant opportunities, improve the weaknesses and minimize threats. Balance between the integration and development objectives and feasibility of implementation were considered. The programme therefore focuses on promoting employment and social inclusion, development of the tourist potentials and protection of the environment, which shall be addressed within the following three thematic priorities:

TP 1 Promoting employment, labor mobility and social and cultural inclusion across the border

The priority responds to growing unemployment, especially between the young and aims at reinforcing the opportunities of specific target groups to access knowledge and skills and competences demanded by the labor market. It also seeks to exploit potentials for the improvement and development of quality social services and social innovation.

TP 2 Protecting the environment, promoting climate change adaptation and mitigation, risk prevention and management

The priority responds to environmental issues caused by low level of quality and range of public utilities (in particular solid waste and waste water treatment). Preservation and sustainable management of natural values (forests, water) is a potential that will be further secured. High vulnerability of the area concerning impacts of climate change, including flood and fires in particular will be addressed jointly.

TP 3 Encouraging tourism and cultural and natural heritage

The programme area as one of the most culturally diverse and its exceptional nature values provide good potential for the development of sustainable tourism and integration of offers around key product already gaining significance. The actions supported within this priority will complement the objectives and results of the first two priorities.

Operational Programme 2014-2020