Measure I.2: Cross- Cross-border initiatives targeting the exchange of people and ideas to enhance the professional and civic society cooperation.

Project Title: Together through Ecology and Sports towards Healthy Europe

Project Budget:

  Project Value EU Contribution
Republic of Serbia € 49,999.20 € 42,499.20
Montenegro € 36,820.00 € 31,297.00
TOTAL € 86,819.20 € 73,796.20

Beneficiary of funds in the Republic of Serbia: Grammar School Kraljevo

Beneficiary of funds in Montenegro: Coeducational Secondary School “17.septembar” Zabljak

Area of implementation:
• Montenegro: Municipality of Žabljak
• Serbia: Municipality of Kraljevo

The target groups of the project: The students and teachers from the cross border schools

Project duration: 16/11/2010 – 28/02/2012
Project objectives: The overall objectives:
1. The contribution to the establishment of the cooperation among students, teachers and students’ parents from cross border schools with an aim to strengthen educational, sport and cultural connections
2. The positive change of young people in respect to themselves, their peers, their surroundings, healthy life style, healthy environment, research and scientific work
The specific objective: Making the cross border connection among people stronger in order to tighten educational, cultural and sport connections and use the areas of common interest equally.

Activities and results of the project:

Too extensive and old-fashioned secondary school education programmes in Serbia and Montenegro often caused non-existence of research work and cooperation among schools not even inside its own country. The consequence is weak motivation of the students to gain additional knowledge and skills outside of the schools’ programmes. Such situation has been changed after established cooperation among Grammar School Kraljevo and Coeducational Secondary School “17.septembar” from Žabljak. Both schools established and equipped internet communication classrooms, while schools in Žabljak also rehabilitated room through conduction work worth 11.038 EUR. For the purpose of improving outdoor research activities the Grammar School Kraljevo procured mini Van equipped with devices and items for ecologic researched worth 1,867,829. 23 RSD.
Cross border cooperation and communication among two target school was improved through joint implementation of the activities that include: establishment regular communication channel through skype, establishment of eco-sport sections and its curriculum (34 members), procurement of devices for environmental Lab in Žabljak, 3 students exchange visits and joint research work (40 students and performed 17 research activities, 36 hours of lectures), research data base development, two environmental evaluations trainings, joint presentation of the project results, skiing and swimming courses for 64 students, swimming competition with presence of 32 students.
All activities were followed by proper promotional campaign and printing materials that were distributed to the wider public like 1.100 copies of the school magazine, 400 copies of flyers, 70 T-shirts, 150 copies of annual newsletter.
Cooperation among two schools was continued beyond the project through joint research work of the eco-sport sections and exchange of students proving fact that education and science does not recognise borders.