Programme: CBC SRB-MNE 2014-2020
Call for Proposals: 2nd  
Contract No. 48-00-00079/2019-28-5 signed on 22/12/2020
Project Title: The Hoo Project: Creation of Owl and Other Wildlife Experiences
Specific objective of the Programme: 3.1. Improving capacities for exploiting tourism potentials of the programme area
Programmes’ result: 3.1.2: Complementary products and services developed
Project budget: Total contract amount (€): Contracted amount

EU (€) and % of total contract amount:

€ 262.028,98

€ 222.724,64


Beneficiaries of funds: Lead applicant: Co-applicants:

Center for Protection and Research of Birds, Podgorica


·  Regional Tourism Organization Sandzak, Novi Pazar

·  Citizens Association Jadovnik – Oasis of untouched, Prijepolje


  • NGO North Land, Berane
Location of the action: SRB: MNE:
Municipalities of Prijepolje, Sjenica and Tutin Municipalities of Pljevlja, Bijelo Polje, Berane, Petnjica and Rožaje
Target groups: ·      Accommodation (69 providers) and food providers, sports clubs, NGOs, 10 outdoor guides, researchers, birders;

·      Members of local communities, including youth, women and elderly;

·      Public institutions (8 municipalities, 2 national parks)

Commencement date and project duration: 1/2/2021, 24 months
Overall objective: To encourage natural heritage-based wildlife tourism in the cross-border area between Serbia and Montenegro
Specific objective(s): SO1: To develop wildlife tourism offer by conducting small scale investments and creating wildlife itineraries

SO2: To provide training for wildlife tourism offer (wildlife interpretation, wildlife tourism trainings)

SO3: To commercialise wildlife tourism offer by implementing effective marketing activities

Estimated results: R1. New wildlife tourism offer developed (50 km of wildlife trails mapped, marked, digitalized, light wildlife infrastructure placed and tourist itineraries developed)

R2. Tourism providers trained for wildlife tourism (new training and guiding programmes, trainings conducted)

R3. Wildlife tourism offer commercialized.

Main activities

(in relation to the estimated results of the action):

A1. Wildlife tourism offer development: Assessment of existing natural heritage-based wildlife offer, development of packages for specific wildlife/bird-watching tourism activities, implementation of small-scale investments: mapping, marking and digitalizing of 50 km of birdwatching trails and light wild-watching infrastructure development.

A2. Training for the launch of wildlife tourism offer:  creation of wildlife interpretation programmes, launching of guiding programmes for wildlife/birdwatchers, capacity building of tourist providers to support this niche product as part of newly designed nature tourism itinerary, including study visit;

A3. Commercialization of wildlife tourism offer: creation & promotion of joint CB brand, development of promotional materials and specific events (“Owl nights”, “Wildlife Exhibition”), implementation of social media promotion and press trips.