Programme: CBC SRB-MNE 2014-2020
Call for Proposals: 1st
Application No: 86-19
Project Title: Skilled women’s workforce for better future
Specific objective of the Programme: 1.1: Increasing employability and employment opportunities
Programmes’ result: 1: New knowledge, skills and competences
Project budget: Total Project Value: EU Contribution
€168,835.26 €143,509.97                             85%
Beneficiaries of funds: Lead applicant: Co-applicants:

PI Home for the elderly “Bijelo Polje”




  • The Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, MNE
Location of the action: SRB: MNE:
Raški district, City of Novi Pazar North of Montenegro, Municipality of Bijelo Polje
Target groups:
  • 80 Unemployed women: First time job seekers and long term unemployed women from the registry of Employment Agency of Montenegro and National Employment Agency of the Republic of Serbia
Project duration: 08.06.2019. – 08.01.2021. (19 months)
Overall objective: Contribution to increasing the employability of unemployed women and their access to labour market
Specific objective(s):
  1. To improve the capacities of the first time job seekers and long-term unemployed women for access to the labour market in Bijelo Polje and Novi Pazar.
  2. To lessen the gap between supply and demand of the workforce at the local labour market
Estimated results: R1: The cooperation between partners from Montenegro  and Serbia established and promoted;

R2: 80 unemployed women gained skills for active job seeking at the labour market;

R3: Tailor-made training programme for caregivers/in-home caregivers developed and piloted for accreditation;

R4:40 in-home caregivers entered labour market;

R5: Working practice for 40 in-home caregivers in place;

R6: Roadmap for overcoming mismatch between demand and supply of workforce through local partnerships developed and promoted;

R7: At least 6 women who underwent the training and working practice employed as in-home caregivers by the Employer;

R8: The employment opportunities promoted through the public awareness campaign during project implementation.

Main activities

(in relation to the estimated results of the action):

A1.R1 Preparation and signing of Memorandum of Cooperation;

A2.R2 Development of criteria and selection of the 80 unemployed women to participate in capacity building activities;

A3.R3 Implementation of capacity building events regarding improvement of competitiveness of job seekers at the labour market for 80 unemployed women;

A4.R4 Development of training programme tailored to the needs of the local labour market for the profile of caregivers/in-home caregivers;

A5.R4 Implementation of training of educators and mentors for in home care (5 educators, 5 mentors);

A6.R4 Implementation of the tailor-made training programme (one month) for caregivers for 40 unemployed women;

A7.R5 Implementation of working practice programmes (3 months) for 40 unemployed women who went through the training program;

A8.R6 Development of Roadmap on how to reduce mismatch between demand  and supply of workforce through local partnerships; 

A9.R7 Selection and employment process of at least 3 women for the position of in-home caregiver at the “Home for the elderly Bijelo Polje and 3 women for the position of in-home caregivers at the Centre for Geriatrics in Novi Pazar;

A10.R8 Raising awareness and visibility activities.