Programme: CBC SRB-MNE 2014-2020
Call for Proposals: 1st
Application No: 42-25
Contract No: 48-00-00047/2016-28-1 signed on 30/12/2018
Project Title: Protection observatory for regional area of medicinal plants as lively cross-border infrastructure of sustainable tourism (PORALIST)
Specific objective of the Programme: 2.2: Protection of nature resources
Programmes’ result: 2: Improved nature protection
Project budget: Total contract amount (€): Contracted amount

EU (€) and % of total contract amount:

261.426,88 182.737,39 (69,90%)
Beneficiaries of funds: Lead applicant: Co-applicants:
Regional Development Agency Zlatibor, Užice



  • Institute for Medicinal Plants Research “Dr. Josif Pančić“. Belgrade


  • NGO Multimedijal, Bijelo Polje
Location of the action: SRB: MNE:
South West Serbia, Zlatibor District, Municipality of Prijepolje Northern Montenegro, Municipality of Bijelo Polje
Target groups: Local populace of the two for this Action selected cross-border municipalities Prijepolje and Bijelo Polje; the poorest households and the out of school and unemployed youth and low employability persons in both municipalities; local communities and municipal government bodies of Prijepolje and Bijelo Polje; public utility companies in the two municipalities and the acting units of public enterprises, offices and agencies regionally and nationally established for the governance of natural resources exercising their respective jurisdictions locally and/or in the cross-border area; local businesses, particularly in the medicinal plants collecting and farming sectors, and in the tourism and hospitality industry and related services; non-formal educational providers and scientific, research, educational, pharmaceutical and health institutions in both municipalities; civic and volunteers organizations, associations and networks in Prijepolje and Bijelo Polje; regional and national governments of the two bordering states; inhabitants of the cross-border area; governmental and administrative entities in the cross-border area; sub-national, national and transnational governmental and private actors actively operating in the field of nature protection in the cross-border area; non-formal educational providers and research, scientific, educational, pharmaceutical and health institutions in the cross-border area; nature lovers and volunteers, medicinal plant collectors and farmers, tourism and hospitality services providers in the cross-border area; the business sector and CSOs involved in sustainable development in the Programme’s development area
Commencement date and project duration: 31/12/2018-31/12/2020, 24 months
Overall objective: Contribution to good nature stewardship by enhanced preservation streamlined monitoring, independent reporting and overall better governance for sustainable development through responsible and accountable management and use of natural resources in the cross-border area of Serbia and Montenegro
Specific objective(s): SO1. One (1) demonstration project addressing protection of the medicinal plants cross-border lively infrastructure of sustainable tourism in the Programme’s development area

SO2. Responsible development of joint strategy, policy and management plans for the protection of this nature infrastructure by viable monitoring and monitoring data exchange

SO3. Development of sustained related activities to preservation of medicinal plants population, diverse use, preventive and conservative measures needed for the nature protection

Estimated results: R1: Regional Observatory for medicinal plants protection in the cross- border region established

R2: Introduction and transference of the newly developed model practice of local annual planning on the reporting of medicinal plants protection and sustainable use in the cross-border region having the Community-led Local Sustainability Annual Action Plan as the main tool for inclusive, participative, responsive, transparent, responsible and accountable local policy making and decision-taking needed to ensure the governance sustainability that impacts the achievement of sound regional development, social cohesion and transition to sustainable development by 2030

R3: Improved system of protection, collection, cultivation and sustainable commercialization of medicinal plants of the cross-border region

R4: Cross-border region accelerated transition to sustainable consumption and production enabled by the protection of medicinal plants as lively infrastructure of the cross-border area.

Main activities

(in relation to the estimated results of the action):

Activity group 1: Planning, programming, equipping, digitalizing and managerial activities related to the establishment and well-functioning of the Regional Observatory

1.1: Establishment of institutional framework for the Regional Observatory

1.2: Setting up well-functioning Regional Observatory

Activity group 2: Activities related to preparation, consultations with relevant stakeholders, proposal development, deliberations in decision making and decision taking processes for joint strategies, policies and management plans

2.1: Development of Action Plans for Medical plants conservation in cross border area

2.2: Capacity building of the cross-border stakeholders for accountable use of medicinal plant infrastructure

Activity group 3: Activities fostering system of protection, collection, cultivation and sustainable commercialization of medicinal plants of the cross-border region

3.1: Development of rules and procedures for primary processing and trade of wild and cultivated medicinal plants

3.2: Creation of integrated system of collection and processing medicinal plants and development of commercialization policies for wild and cultivated plants growing in a sustainable manner

3.3: Certification of medicinal herbs from the cross-border area

3.4: Development of phyto-therapy, phyto-pharmaceuticals and phyto-cosmetics market valorisation of the protected medicinal herbs

3.5: Development of gastro tourism destination based on vegetarian and herbal diet habits

3.6: Diversification of traditional crafts and cultural identity events

Activity group 4: Communicating and visibility activities of sustainable social, economic and environmental development impacts and benefits from protection of medicinal plants as lively infrastructure of the cross-border area

4.1: Communication activities for establishing more intense  cross-border links based on medicinal herbs as lively infrastructure of targeted region

4.2: Capacity building of tourism industry representatives (guides and rangers,  as well as for other interested parties) on sustainable promotion of tourism contents related to the medicinal herbs wellness and wellbeing

4.3. Development of attractive and joint tourism products in cross-border area for tourists and visitors based on biodiversity wealth of medicinal herbs and medicinal herbs gastronomy

4.4. Design of common visual identity of the project and printing promotional material (badges, pillow, notebooks, bags…)

4.5. Internet marketing and media promotion

4.6. Visibility activities on organization of project national and regional conferences