Programme: CBC SRB-MNE 2014-2020
Call for Proposals: 1st
Application No: 37-1
Project Title: Let’s Be Prepared
Specific objective of the Programme: 2.2: Protection of nature resources
Programmes’ result: 3: Better emergency preparedness and climate resilience
Project budget: Total Project Value: EU Contribution
€422,967.6 €359,480.16 (85,00%)
Beneficiaries of funds: Lead applicant: Co-applicants:

FORS Montenegro – Foundation for the Development of Northern Montenegro


  • Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia – Sector for Emergency Management


Location of the action: SRB: MNE:
Districts of Raska and Zlatibor, towns: Novi Pazar, Sjenica, Tutin and Raska Central and northern regions, towns: Berane, Bijelo Polje, Nikšić, Šavnik, Žabljak, Pljevlja and Petnjica
Target groups:
  • Employees of the municipal protection and rescue units (at least 100 rescuers)
  • Employees of the national institutions for protection and rescue (at least 30 employees)
  • Members of voluntary rescue associations (at least 10)
  • Institute of Hydrometeorology and Seismology of Montenegro
  • Institute of Hydrometeorology of Serbia
  • Employees of the Institute of Hydrometeorology and Seismology of Montenegro and the Institute of Hydrometeorology of Serbia (at least 20 employees)
  • Local authorities of target municipalities
  • Citizens reached by awareness raising campaign (around 10% of population – 37,100 people) and tourists
  • Youth – primary and secondary school students (at least 1000 students)
Project duration: 01.12.2019. – 01.06.2021. (18 months)
Overall objective: Improved protection of people and the environment through reduced risks of disasters in the cross-border area
Specific objective(s):         Strengthened capacities of institutions and services for prevention and mitigation of floods and fires

•        Raised awareness of the people from the cross-border area on disaster risk reduction – DRR

Estimated results: R1 – Improved technical and personnel capacity of institutions and services for protection and rescue

R2 – Capacities for forecasting and early warning system and cross-border cooperation in this area improved

R3 – Institutions and services in charge of protection and rescue from Serbia and Montenegro familiarised with the best EU practice in this area

R4 – Population in the cross-border area and target municipalities familiarised with DRR

R5 – Improved cooperation between protection and rescue units and institutions from Serbia and Montenegro

Main activities

(in relation to the estimated results of the action):

1.1: Procure the equipment for protection and rescue from floods and fires

1.2: Organise cross-border trainings for rescuers (Protection in case of floods, Protection and Rescue from Fires)

1.3: Organise cross-border field exercises

1.4: Organise workshops for rescuers on protection from floods and fires

1.5: Develop evacuation plans in cases of floods and fires for schools

2.1: Organise trainings on Forecasting and Early Warning System

2.2: Procure equipment for forecasting and early warning system

3.1: Organise Seminar on Best EU practice in protection from floods

3.2: Organise Seminar on Best EU practice in protection from fires

4.1: Organise lectures for primary and secondary school students

4.2: Organise visits of students to OCC 112, Rescuing Services and hydrometeorology services

4.3: Develop mobile applications for emergencies

4.4: Organise Cross-border Quiz, Literary and Drawing competitions

4.5: Organise lectures for people in local communities

4.6: Prepare and distribute publications for emergency situations

4.7: Organise awareness raising activities – press conferences, TV and radio shows, newspaper articles and website texts and promotional items

5.1: Organise Conference on DRR and importance of cross-border and regional cooperation

5.2: Develop Cross-border Agreement on Cooperation in DRR

5.3: Organise cross-border meetings of project stakeholders

5.4: Develop and sign Memorandum of Cooperation