Programme: CBC SRB-MNE 2014-2020
Call for Proposals: 1st
Application No: 30-3
Project Title: Increasing employability opportunities for textile and tourism

industry in the CBC area

Specific objective of the Programme: 1.1: Increasing employability and employment opportunities
Programmes’ result: 1: New knowledge, skills and competences
Project budget: Total Project Value: EU Contribution
€277,031.33 €235,476.63 (85,00%)
Beneficiaries of funds: Lead applicant: Co-applicants:

Municipality of Raška


Municipality of Plužine

Location of the action: SRB: MNE:
Raška district, Municipality of Raška Municipality of Plužine
Target groups: 1)      Local-self-government authorities in CBC area,

2)      Unemployed persons, mainly younger (18-40) and from more numerous categories (qualified workers and workers with secondary education – 72% of unemployed);

3)      Employers and investors from textile and tourism industries (HORECA industry, touristic entrepreneurs for adrenaline, mountain and eco-tourism);

4)      Local media that cover socio-economic problems and challenges;

5)      Schools for tourism and their graduates

Project duration: 08.06.2019. – 08.12.2020. (18 months)
Overall objective: Overall objective is to enhance employability opportunities in the CBC area in the economic branches that have clear market demand and employment capacity
Specific objective(s):
  1. Increasing capacity of stakeholders for new opportunities in textile and tourism industry;
  2. Promotion of the new opportunity for employment and dissemination of information to the potential employees and employers
Estimated results: R1.1. Educated stakeholders (unemployed or prequalified) for the textile industry (30+20) on three trainings

R1.2. Educated stakeholders (unemployed, prequalified or person who try to start up business in tourism) (60+20) on 6 trainings

R1.3. Improved skills of students and graduates through internships in enterprises (30)

R1.3.1. Employed stakeholders in textile industry (40 employees, 10 self-employed)

R1.3.2. Employed stakeholders in tourism (40 employees, 20 self-employed)

R1.4. Local self-government educated how to support socio-economic efforts of stakeholders (10+10) on the joint course.

R2.1. New opportunity for employment in the textile and tourism industry promoted to the stakeholders (4 promotional events, 8 media promotions)

R2.2. Information on new opportunities disseminated to the main stakeholders

Main activities

(in relation to the estimated results of the action):

A1. Mobilization of the stakeholders to be participants in trainings

A1.1. Organization of textile industry practical trainings

A1.2.1. Organization of 3 courses (one in Serbia and one in Montenegro) and one joint course for the workers in tourism industry

A1.2.2. Organization of 3 courses (one in Serbia and one in Montenegro) and one joint course for the people that will start up business in tourism industry

A1.3.1. Connecting unemployed and educated with employers for job providing

A1.3.2. Training on start up for self-employment

A1.3.3. Organization of internship for students

A1.4. Organization of the seminar for local self-government authorities how to jointly support new socio-economic opportunities in the CB area.

A2.1.1. Organization of promotional and media events for stakeholders’ mobilization

A2.2.1. Organization and realization of 10 media events

A2.2.2. Design, production and dissemination of promo and info materials