Measure I.1 Improving the productivity and competitiveness of the area’s economic, rural, cultural and environmental resources.

Project Title: FROM HILLS TO DAIRIES – Valorisation of the milk production in the cross-border area of Serbia and Montenegro
Project Budget:

  Project Value EU Contribution
Republic of Serbia € 175,357.91 € 143,587.91
Montenegro € 166,745.54 € 141,533.61
TOTAL € 342,103.45 €285,121.52

Beneficiary of funds in the Republic of Serbia: Municipality of Čajetina
Beneficiary of funds in Montenegro: Municipality of Plav
Partners: Zlatiborski Eko Agrar, Serbia
Municipality of Andrijevica , Montenegro

Area of implementation:
• Serbia: Municipality of Čajetina
• Montenegro: Municipalities Plav and Andrijevica
The target groups of the project: Milk producers on the territory of Čajetina municipality; Milk producers on the territories of Plav and Andrijevica municipalities

Project duration: 01/09/2016 – 28/02/2018

Project objectives:
The overall objective: To contribute to cross-border cooperation and sustainable rural development of Zlatibor County and Northern Montenegro
The specific objective: Strengthened value chain of milk production sector in the cross-border area of Zlatibor, Plav and Andrijevica

Activities and results of the project

Project FROM HILLS TO DAIRIES was focused on creating basic infrastructural and institutional preconditions for improving diary sector in Zlatibor County and for support of small farmers endangered by the large companies and current state on diary market. Considering problems and constrains of small farmers, this project was designed to meet their needs and provide them the opportunity to establish continuous production and sale of raw milk to mini diaries. Establishment of the value chain where mini diary “Naša Zlatka” guarantees purchase, timely payment and opportunities for further development and improvements in terms of continuous education, analysis and other measures targeting agricultural production, became a best practice example.
After completion of construction works and installation of equipment what included test production, mini diary Naša Zlatka became operational.
During the implementation of the project, contracts with 20 small farmers from villages Kriva Reka, Mačkat, Mušvete and Branešci are signed, providing income for families, long-term perspectives for living and development. In addition, all farmers that applied on public call were included in trainings on feeding and hygiene in cattle breeding. Moreover, nutrition analysis provided recommendations for improving quality of cattle -feed what directly affects quality of milk and consequently quality o of Naša Zlatka final products. Manual for cattle breeding, feeding and milking hygiene was distributed to the wider group of farmers in Cajetina municipality, providing them very useful tips and instructions for cattle breeding.
They also received educational and technical support through nutrition analysis that is of crucial importance for quality of raw milk, and consequently quality of final products (cheese andsour cream ). On the other side, operations of mini diary required engagement of more workers than it was planned initially and there are 7 new jobs created. Thanks to the good quality and reputation of traditional products, Naša Zlatka’s cheese and sour creamwere presented in 28 hotels and restaurants operating in Zlatibor.
This project brought multiple benefits for the local community, which are reflected not only through new jobs creation and new future perspectives for rural population, but through potential to enrich tourism offer of this area and create preconditions for starting protection of geographical indication of traditional Zlatibor’s products.
Due to issues that caused delay in starting project activities and further problems that came as consequence of initial problem, project implementation in Montenegro was terminated and project was implemented only in Serbia.