Measure I.2 – Cross-border initiatives targeting the exchange of people and ideas to enhance the professional and civic society cooperation.

Project Title: Culture for Europe, Europe for Culture

Project Budget:

  Project Value EU Contribution
Republic of Serbia € 70,588.23 € 60,000.00
Montenegro € 82,352.94 € 70,000.00
TOTAL € 152,941.17 € 130,000.00

Beneficiary of funds in the Republic of Serbia: PI Central Library “Vuk Karadžić” Prijepolje
Beneficiary of funds in Montenegro: Public Institution “Ratkovićeve večeri poezije” Bijelo Polje
NGO Association of citizens “Društvo Limski darovi”, Serbia
NGO “Stihom govorim”, Montenegro

Area of implementation:
• Serbia: Municipality of Prijepolje
• Montenegro: Municipality of Pljevlja

The target groups of the project: The professional personnel in the Central Library in Prijepolje; At least 2600 users of the Central Library in Prijepolje; At least 160 inhabitants of outlying and rural area of municipality Prijepolje;
Employees of the Public Institution “Ratkovićeve večeri poezije”; At least 500 participants who will attend the festivals; At least 200 artists of the four cultural and artistic events: 50 participants from EU and other countries, 75 from Serbia and 75 from Montenegro; At least 500 children – members of children included in the project activities and visitors of the events; At least 50 international poet’s artist through fifth edition of “Stihom govorim“, the book of poetry; At least 50 youth on two day training for young talented poets and visual artist aims to promote competitiveness, growth, sustainable development, and cohesion and innovation skills; At least 20 participants with special needs.

Project duration:
SRB 15/8/2016 – 30/09/2017
MNE 15/8/2016- 14/08/2017

Project objectives:
The overall objective: Contribution to increasing the volume and the quality of the international cooperation through promotion of the intercultural concept..
The specific objective of the project: Promotion of the authentically multicultural values in order to enhance the professional artist experiences through contribution of the promotion of the intercultural dialogue.

Activities and results of the project

This project enabled better conditions for the creation of various programmes, motivated artists and performers and ensured the economic status for employees engaged in cultural activities. Inter-regional co-operation enriched the cultural offer, enabled cultural actors to follow current trends and exchange experience. Involvement in the art is a good way of animating young people to learn and protect parts of their own national identity, but also to meet and respect other cultures and national values of other, neighbouring countries.
The main focus of the project’s activities was related to the establishing and promotion of cooperation between partners from Montenegro and Serbia and contribution to multicultural, cultural and traditional European values of the two countries made through organising of three cultural and artistic manifestations: “Ratkovic’s Poetry Evenings”, “Daisy Kingdom” and art festival “Lim – Vodeni Žig polimskih gradova” with more than 3000 visitors. The project also supported publishing a collection of poetry “Stihom govorim” written by poets from the partner municipalities, which presented cultural heritage of the region through Serbia and Montenegro, as well as through other countries in the region, Europe and rest of the world.
Regional Conference of writers, poets, artists, critics and art historians was conducted with an aim of rising and strengthening of cooperation among festivals, coordination and presentation of program activities, as well as agreement on a joint presentation of contemporary artistic achievements in each of the individual participating states.
IT education for rural population was implemented and covered the IT education for elderly people in rural areas which were visited by mobile library INFOBUS. The training has been attended by 253 participants.
Trainings and exams for getting of international certificate about computer skills – ECDL (European computer driving license) was performed for 10 highly educated, young and unemployed people.
Digital library is formed in Library “Vuk Karadžić” Prijepolje and at the website it was placed over 35.137 online readable pages. Digitization has performed on highly sophisticated professional scanner, procured within the project, based on digital photo devices, which provides the high quality and maximum reproducibility. The aim of this activity was to establish cooperation of a broad cultural interest for a research and dissemination of materials for digitization of the same for the purpose of establishment of joint online Digital homeland library. With this type of activity it was achieved the revitalization of common cultural and historical space through a new evaluation and recognition of work activities and individual joint creation and presentation needs and cooperation through the exchange of cultural, artistic and other creative content.