Measure I.2: Cross-border initiatives targeting the exchange of people and ideas to enhance the professional and civic society cooperation

Project Title: Better cooperation for better future

Project Budget:

  Project Value EU Contribution
Republic of Serbia € 40,402.00 € 31,402.00
Montenegro € 40,402.00 € 31,402.00
TOTAL € 80,804.00 € 62,804.00


Beneficiary of funds in the Republic of Serbia: International University of Novi Pazar

Beneficiary of funds in Montenegro: Faculty for management in traffic and communication

Area of implementation:
• Montenegro: North Montenegro
• Serbia: South West Serbia

The target groups of the project: University professors, researchers and wider academic community,
Development agencies representatives, Business and Business associations’ representatives, Politic leadership of local self-governments representatives and Municipal tourist organizations

Project duration: 01/12/2010 – 30/11/2011
Project objectives:
The overall objective: To improve the social and economic development of the border area through the establishment of a long term cross-border partnership between Higher education institutions of the border area.
The specific objectives:
– To develop clear and scientifically based concepts and ideas how to improve competitiveness of border region economies (especially of SME sector, tourism and agriculture) with join participation of higher education institutions and relevant stakeholders and contributors from both side of the border;
– To raise awareness about real potential for development of the border region;
– To develop strategy for future cooperation between higher education institutions in the area.

Activities and results of the project

The project “Better cooperation for better future” provided the ideas for improving the social and economic development of the border area on which higher education institution and other stakeholders with their own capacities may work and cooperate. Both institutions that implemented the project have become more visible in the academic community which now has better insight in the border region. The project resulted in enhanced knowledge and awareness of the members of the target groups on scientifically based concepts related development strategies.

The project supported organisation of the first International Scientific Conference “Small and Medium Enterprises – Possibilities and Perspectives 2011 – SMEPP2011” that took place at International University of Novi Pazar during April 2011. There were 93 participants at the conference, from Montenegro and Serbia. Beside the University professors, researchers and others from academic community, development agencies representatives, business and business associations’ representatives and people in charge of SMEs in the Local self-governments were present. The conference provided different concepts how to improve productivity and competitiveness of SMEs. The participants could learn about the possibilities but also the limitations SMEs face. The Conference conclusions might be valuable source for people involved in sustainable development strategic planning process in the region.

Second International Scientific Conference within the Project, was held in Berane, Montenegro during June 2011, with presence of 82 participants. The main theme of the conference was “Communications and the business sector.” Besides participants from Serbia and Montenegro there were guest participants from Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia and Ukraine. The program of the Conference include presentation of 31 works developed by 59 authors. All works and conclusions from the Conference were printed in 500 copies and distributed to all interested parties.

Third Scientific Conference within the project, was organised in Novi Pazar during October 2011, and the conference topic was “Agricultural production and branding and marketing agricultural products“. He Conference was successfully organised and include 43 papers in its Agenda that were developed by more than 80 authors. There were 82 participants at the conference including representatives of municipal tourist organizations, Regional development agencies, Business Centres, Local self-governments from both countries as well as representatives of USAID Agribusiness program were present. The conference provided a deeper insight into the possibilities in Agribusiness. It has provided new ideas how to improve competitiveness of border region economies through agricultural production and branding of agricultural products. It has also increased understanding of current challenges in Agribusiness in the region. The fact that there were
twice more articles published than originally planned shows that this topic attract great attention in the region.

On 15th and 16th September 2011 the Fourth Scientific Conference was held in Plav. The subject of the Conference was “Tourism as a factor of regional development”. Total of 28 selected papers which were done by 39 authors were presented. Total number of participants was 76. Among the participants were representatives Ministry for Tourism and Sustainable Development, Tourism organization, Local Self-Governments and Tourism agencies as well eminent University professors in the area of Tourism.

Two Higher Institutions agreed that in order to have meaningful cooperation in the future towards the contributing to the sustainable economic development of the border region that cooperation needs to be formalised. It is important to mention that all events and project activities were covered by media and through web sites developed within the project. First and third conference were promoted trough dedicated websites: and as well as through websites of the institutions and
The second and fourth conference was promoted though section in the redesigned website of the Faculty for management in Traffic and Communication