Measure I.1 – Improving the productivity and competitiveness of the area’s economic, rural, cultural and environmental resources.

Project Title: Zlatibor – Komski Pastures
Project Budget:

  Project Value EU Contribution
Republic of Serbia € 133,694.00 € 110,990.00
Montenegro € 101,416.79 € 85,950.73
TOTAL € 235,110.79 € 196,940.73

Beneficiary of funds in the Republic of Serbia: Municipality of Čajetina
Beneficiary of funds in Montenegro: Municipality of Andrijevica
Partners: Association of Simmental cattle breeders “Zlatiborski simentalac”, Serbia
Farmers group Andrijevica, Montenegro

Area of implementation:
• Montenegro: Municipality of Andrijevica
• Serbia: Municipality of Čajetina

The target groups of the project: Dairy producers in the municipalities of Andrijevica and Čajetina, SME/SMI: counselling offices and Employees in the microbiological lab, Local authorities of the municipalities of Čajetina i Andrijevica

Project duration: 22/11/2010 – 21/05/2011

Project objectives:
The overall objectives:
Overall objective 1: Stimulated development of business activities in rural areas of border regions
Overall objective 2: Provided contribution to association of people, communities and exchange of ideas and knowledge in border regions
The specific objectives of the project:
Developed productiveness and competence of rural resources in the area of dairy production through mutual partnership activities and formation of knowledge pool of production of high quality and healthy milk.

Activities and results of the project

The Project ‘’Zlatibor – Komski pastures’’ improved milk production in the Municipalities Andrijevica and Čajetina. Taking into consideration the varying degrees of milk production development in the municipality of Čajetina and the municipality of Andrijevica, majority of the activities were focused on the exchange of knowledge and experience between producers in the two municipalities.
In order to measure quality of the milk in the two target municipalities the project conducted survey at the beginning and at the end of the project through testing milk samples. After conduct research through 6.000 milk samples, it was concluded that the milk quality has been improved by the end of the project as result of project activities. The Establishment of the Institution “Zlatibor eco – Agrar”, for the provision of advisory services to producers of milk and Laboratory for milk testing, in the municipality of Čajetina, directly positively affected milk production related to its quantities and quality. Two persons were employed and trained in the Laboratory, while the Laboratory is fully equipped with the needed equipment worth 37.700 EUR. Activities in Municipality of Andrijevica included equipping three pilot educational points for farmers (equipment for storage and cooling, milking equipment and milk control equipment) and their capacity building on equipment usage.
Capacity building activities for farmers were composed of practical and theoretical lessons through visit of 8 farmers from Andrijevica to the Zlatibor region, two workshops, and through joint Study tour, where 20 farmers from Andrijevica, 20 farmers from Zlatibor and 10 municipal representatives, have had an opportunity to visit dairy farms in Slovenia and Austria. One of the good practices included direct education of the farmers at their dairy farms. Within this activity a total of 100 visits were organised to 50 households, during which the condition on the farm was analysed by veterinarians. After analyses recommendations for conducting measures for improving production, health and welfare of farmed animals, as well as for improving the quality of milk were given. All project activities were covered by local and national electronic and printed media, while beneficiaries in the field were informed on project activities through 7 press conferences, 2 radio shows, 6 newsletters, flyers and joint web site