Measure 1.1: Increasing productivity and competitiveness of economic, rural, cultural and natural resources of the programme area

Project Title: Through Geographic Information System Towards Better Cross-Border Flood Risk Management in the Lim River Basin

Project Budget:

  Project Value EU Contribution
Republic of Serbia € 211,627.86 € 173,365.54
Montenegro € 229,500.00 € 183,500.00
TOTAL € 441.127,86 € 356,865.54

Beneficiary of funds in the Republic of Serbia: Public Water Management Company “Srbijavode”, Belgrade

Beneficiary of funds in Montenegro: Directorate for Water Montenegro, Podgorica

Area of implementation:
• Montenegro: Municipalities of Plav, Andrijevica, Berane and Bijelo Polje
• Serbia: Municipalities of Priboj, Prijepolje and Sjenica

Project duration: Republic of Serbia: 17/10/2012 – 16/01/2015; Montenegro: 17/10/2012 – 16/10/2014

Project objectives: The overall objective of the project is to maintain the high quality of border area environment, as a relevant economic resource for both targeted countries, by developing joint, effective public institutions’ systems of emergency preparedness in relation to flood prevention and control.

Specific goals of the project are:
• To conduct a joint baseline research on existing water management master plans and water management legislation in the Lim river basin, provide exchange of know-how, and define recommendations for their modernization;
• To conduct comprehensive capacity building of civil servants and technical enhancement of public institutions engaged in flood risk management;
• To develop efficient, publicly accessible sets of services for all engaged in flood risk management;
• To raise joint expert and public awareness on environmental issues.

Activities and results of the project:

Floods know no geographical boundaries. They are the best example of the need for cross-border cooperation between two countries. The cooperation, in this case, was realised in Serbia and Montenegro under the auspices of pre-accession assistance of the European Union, which for several decades recognizes the need for flood protection and is based on supranational legislation.

The Project “Through Geographic Information System towards Better Cross-Border Flood Risk Management in the Lim River Basin” has created technical and personnel prerequisites for the establishment of a geographic information system in the water sector in Montenegro. The spatial terrain model is loaded, and data relating to flood protection are listed and systematized. Data model is created with the help of a partner institution from Serbia.

Additional perspective is that the system, created for the Lim river basin, may also be applied in the rest of the territory of Serbia and Montenegro, i.e. other cross-border regions of the two countries with other neighbouring countries.

The need for additional research was perceived on that occasion, primarily in the area of reliable data relating to hydrological phenomena of high waters and data on capacities built on the affected area which needs to be protected.

A very important fact for water sector in Montenegro is that these activities will establish the basis for future Water Information System. Colleagues from Serbia have improved the existing content of Water Management Information System through this project and thus opened the door for further improvement of the national water management system.

Upgrading of data model and supplementing the information related to other water management areas can provide a powerful tool for data organisation and advanced analysis in the entire water sector. Such a system can connect all institutions engaged in water management, at national or regional level.

During the project implementation some arguments and options for an agreement between Serbia and Montenegro on cross-border cooperation in flood risk management in the Lim river basin were observed. As a result of the stated efforts, both partner institutions gained an insight into the needs for joint research and investments, which can be generally substantiated by such an agreement.

Knowledge of the terrain and prevention are crucial for flood protection.


Goran Puzović, B.Sc., Director of the Public Water Management Company “Srbijavode”

“Flood protection is one of the main activities of the Public Utility Company “Srbijavode”. Cross-border cooperation project between Serbia and Montenegro on the Lim river basin established a special connection between the two institutions, which will enable the integrated management of river basin and better water protection management. The project has contributed to the exchange of experiences and knowledge between the two countries, identified all aspects of water management in border region and technologically modernized the cooperation in water management and data collection and processing. GeoPortal for the Lim river basin, as one of the most important results of the project, will help future work become available for all interested parties.”

Miloš Mančić, B.SC, Head of IT Sector in the Public Water Management Company “Srbijavode” – Project manager
“Geographic Information System can not replace the existing flood protection system, but it can improve it and allow better and more efficient information flow within the territory of the entire basin. The cross-border cooperation project with Montenegro has brought new and invaluable experience in managing projects funded from the European funds and contributed to the establishment of better communication with colleagues from Montenegro. Flood protection management study in the Lim river basin and GeoPortal, as the results of the project, are a good basis for new projects in this area and further development of information technology in water management.“
Ana Lješević, B.Sc. in Economics, Directorate for Water Montenegro, Podgorica – a member of the project team
“This was the first cross-border EU funded project implemented by Water Directorate project team. The project provided technical and personnel prerequisites for the establishment of a geographic information system in the Water Directorate, which should contribute to intensive cross-border cooperation in this field. The project beneficiaries are primarily local population in the Lim river basin, who will have more opportunities to preserve this area as an economic, ecological, tourist and cultural region.“

Ivana Bajković, B.Sc.C.E, Senior Advisor in the Directorate for Water Montenegro, Podgorica – Project Manager in Montenegro
The project “Through Geographic Information System towards Better Cross-Border Flood Risk Management in the Lim River Basin” included several dimensions: flood protection, improving management of data related to water and environment protection, cross-border cooperation between the two neighbouring countries connected with the river basin of one river, using the support of IPA funds of the European Union. Due to the successful implementation, the Water Directorate of Montenegro made a significant progress in each dimension. During this cooperation, new ideas for sustainable continuation and development of water data management at the regional level were created.“