Measure 1.3: Cross-border initiatives aimed at exchange of people and ideas in order to enhance professional collaboration and cooperation of civil society

Project Title: Development of Geographic Information System (GIS) of water supply and sewerage network

Project Budget:

  Project Value EU Contribution
Republic of Serbia € 49,330.38 € 41,925.67
Montenegro € 49,634.14 € 42,189.02
TOTAL € 98,964.52 € 84,114.69

Beneficiary of funds in the Republic of Serbia: Public utility “Vodovod” – Užice

Beneficiary of funds in Montenegro: Public enterprise Vodovod i kanalizacija – Nikšić

Area of implementation:
• Montenegro: Municipality of Nikšić
• Serbia: Municipality of Užice

The target groups of the project: all users of water supply and sewage system, local governments and small and medium enterprises.

Project duration: 1/12/2010 – 30/11/2011

Project objectives: The overall objective of this project is to establish long-term cooperation between the border areas in order to create a joint initiative for development of the Geographic Information System GIS that would improve the processes of water supply and drainage and thereby contribute to the preservation of the environment and establishing sustainable development.
The specific objectives of the project are:
To position waterworks and sewage installations,
To create a database on users of water supply and sewage network,
To enhance water supply and sewage network management.

Activities and results of the project

Through the project realisation the level of water loses in water systems of towns Nikšić and Uzice were significantly reduced. In this way new water quantities were obtained, while the costs of water production and distribution were reduced. Additionally equipment procured and developed of the GIS for water supply and sewage network, for “Public enterprise Vodovod i Kanalizacija Nikšić” and Public utility “Vodovod” Užice contributed to the better performance of two utilities and improved services toward citizens.
After more than 20 meetings and field visits, within the project, of the joint project team it was defined the zones in water and sewage system that will be covered by the GIS system in Nikšić and Užice. The partner companies successfully implemented the GIS system in the existing water and sewage network in the target municipalities which is used for the management, analysis, and display of geographic knowledge, organizing the data for usage in water distribution networks design, and analysis. After completion of GIS system needed geodesic equipment was procured, including equipment for “Public enterprise Vodovod i Kanalizacija Nikšić” worth 30.210 EUR, and equipment for Public utility “Vodovod” Užice worth 27.923 EUR. The procurement of new and modern equipment enabled setting a new polygon network, after which recordings of the facilities and routes of the water supply and sewage system have been continued. All recorder data were transferred to the specialised MapInfo software that uses satellite images and cadastre layers. The work in the field and with new equipment was accompanied with capacity building for the Utilities’ staff on organization and implementation of field visits to the network, how to enter recorder data to the GIS system and how to enable usage of it for all staff members of two companies. Along with collecting data on water and sewage facilities, a systematic collection of data on their users was performed, what enabled two companies to create GIS database of all connections to the water supply and sewage system. The GIS data base in Nikšić include 19.000 users of both networks and around 18.500 users in Užice.
After successfully implementation of the all envisaged activities experiences in the field of water supply were exchanged, preconditions were made for the creating of hydraulic model of water and sewage network, water losses and pollution from sewage system reduced and contribution has been made to the efficient usage of water resources and environmental preservation.