The project ” Reducing impact of local communities of the cross border region Serbia-Montenegro to ClimAte chaNges  – WE CAN ” defines regional cross-border priorities in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in order to improve regional cooperation and coordinated action to reduce the negative impact on climate change.

Every second, about 800 tons of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere on our planet by the action of the human factor, which causes unfavorable climate change. The project has contributed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 75 tons / year in the cross-border area of ​​Serbia and Montenegro.

The project also includes activities aimed at improving the educational process and acquiring knowledge of primary and secondary school students about renewable energy sources. A total of six primary schools and heating plant in Kraljevo are equipped with equipment that uses solar energy and pellets, and the heating plant in Pljevlja received equipment for quick malfunction locating and immediate intervention in heating energy distribution.

The project is implemented by the Ibar Development Association “IDA” Kraljevo, Public Energy Company “Toplana” Kraljevo, “Grijanje” Ltd Pljevlja and NGO Centar ekoloških inicijativa  Berane.

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