A cross-border conference on religious tourism was held in Kolasin on May 20-22, 2022, within the project “Misterious ways of faith from Lim to Zeta” implementing by the Diocese of Budimlje and Nikšić, the Tourist Organization of Priboj, and the Diocese of Milesevo.

Speakers at the conference: Prof. Dr. Jovan Popescu, Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Đurić, Prof. Dr. Miloš Vidaković, priest Branko Đurić and M.Sc. Darko Đurović. As part of the conference, networking workshops were held in order to connect travel agencies and tour operators with religious representatives in order to achieve a better understanding of the needs of tourists. Focus groups were also held on how to promote religious tourist sites and develop practical examples of package deals.

Religious and cultural tourism is recognized as an important potential for the development of the municipalities of Niksic and Priboj. Since economic activities, among other things, are concentrated on tourism, these areas will benefit from the valorization of existing potentials. This project includes the adaptation and equipping of the historic villa in Niksic for the purposes of pilgrimage and cultural center and the construction and equipping of the Visitor Center in Pribojska Banja, branding the target area as a tourist attraction, developing itineraries for religious tourism, creating a manual on religious tourism to supported the development of the key product and contributed to its sustainability.

The project aims to contribute to improving the capacity to exploit the tourist potential of the cross-border area Montenegro – Serbia by creating a cross-border product within religious tourism by creating new tourism infrastructure, promoting the cross-border area as a tourist destination, networking and transferring knowledge and skills.

The total value of the project is 410,430.38 euros, of which the European Union co-finances the amount up to 336,552.91 euros.