On Friday, 17th May 2019 in Gusinje the press conference was organized on the  occasion to present  the project “Bringing In Sustainable Waste Management-BinS“.

The President of the Municipality of Gusinje, Anela Cekic opened the press conference. Also, the audience was addressed by Adnan Gurdas, the director of JKP “Vrela”, Radule Bojovic, project manager and Emil Kocan, representative of the Joint Technical Secretariat of the CBC Programme Serbia–Montenegro. Mr. Huso Brdakic was the moderator of the conference.

The project will contribute to environmental protection in the cross-border area by strengthening the solid waste management system through implementing a series of planning activities. Concrete benefits for these two municipalities, as well as for their utility companies, are also reflected in the procurement of specialized solid waste collection vehicles and 80 containers which will contribute to the improvement of the state of municipal infrastructure.

After the realization of the project, increased interest of citizens for selective disposal of waste is expected, as well as improvement of the waste collection system in the municipalities of Gusinje and Sjenica.