The Conference regard to the beginning of implementation of the project ‘’Craftsman’’ was held on April 24th , 2019 in Rožaje.

Project is being implemented by Municipalities of Rozaje and Sjenica in partnership with the Vocational high school Rozaje and ‘’Technical-agricultural school’’ from Sjenica. The project started in January 2019 and in the following 17 months of the implementation its activities and results will contribute to increase employability and employment opportunities in craft field in the cross-border region. Funds secured for the project are approximately €193,000, out which 85% is EU grant and 15% will be provided by local communities.

At the begining of the conference Edis Muminovic, the project coordinator, emphasis that all beneficiaries who want to improve and develop their business will be supported under the project activities.

On this occasion, Isko Becovic, director of the Vocational High School in Rozaje, focused on the fact that the preservation of craftsmanship is enabled through the introduction of new/old crafts in the education system. Therefore, it has become a long-standing practice in their school.

Two municipalities, Rožaje and Sjenica, with joint efforts will provide conditions for strenghtening of craftsmen capacities and mentors for development of new and present business in craft field through implementation of the project.