Measure 1.1: Improving the productivity and competitiveness of the area’s economic, rural, cultural and natural resources

Project title: Textile Recycling for Sustainable Solutions

Project budget:

Project value EU contribution
Republic of Serbia € 83,373.64 € 69,942.15
Montenegro € 89,138.00 € 52,503.59
TOTAL € 172,511.64 € 122,445.74

Beneficiary of funds in the Republic of Serbia: Women’s Center, Užice
• Regional Development Agency “Zlatibor“, Užice
• National Employment Service of the Republic of Serbia, Kragujevac – Branch Office Užice

Beneficiary of the funds in Montenegro: NGO “SOS Hotline for Women and Children Victims of Violence”, Nikšić
Partner: Labour Bureau Nikšić

Area of implementation:
• Montenegro: Municipality of Nikšić
• Serbia: The town of Užice

Project duration: 07/04/2014 – 06/07/2015

Project objectives: The overall objective of the project is to contribute to creating conditions for employment of vulnerable groups in Serbia and Montenegro. Specific goal of the project is increased competitiveness of vulnerable groups in Užice and Nikšić through established system for collecting, processing and distribution recycling textile.

Expected project results:

• Conducted pre-selection of women candidates to be trained for the production of products from recycled textiles in Užice and Nikšić;
• Raised capacities of both partner associations for entering the recycled textile market;
• Established infrastructural and technical preconditions for primary textile selection and production of recycled textile products in two associations;
• A total of 40 women from Užice and Nikšić trained for the production of recycled textile products;
• Local and wider communities from Užice and Nikšić shall be introduced to textile recycling as an effective way of solving the problems in the areas such as: social employment, ecology and sustainable development.


Rajko Radonjić, Labour Bureau Nikšić

“Labour Bureau Nikšić, accepted a partnership in the project “Textile Recycling for Sustainable Solutions” with great pleasure, so that we could jointly contribute to the objective of the project and it is to create conditions for employment of hard- and difficult-to employ women.

A prime expectation of this project is to allow women candidates involved in the project to gain the knowledge, skills and competences required for this type of work. This way they would increase their chances for employment, either through this project, which will hopefully become a reality, or through the possible association and opening of handicraft recycled textile workshops, and they would, as future entrepreneurs, still have our full support.”

Borka Adžić, a trainee (completed a Construction High School)

“As a result of certain circumstances I stayed out of work and for three years I was registered at the Labour Office. I gladly accepted to participate in the project, since long time ago I started to sew. I am self-thought and I was 14 when I cut my first pattern from Burda magazine. This has always been creative and interesting for me. This was a good way to refresh old and gain new knowledge, because one can learn a lot from Ivana (Ivana Murišić, master trainer and fashion designer)”.

Jovana Milićević, a trainee (completed secondary school – Tourist Technician)

“I had no experience in tailoring and sewing. At the beginning it was difficult but when you master first steps, it gets interesting. I must admit that I felt good when I sewed my first skirt. I thought I could not do it and it was great when I saw that I could and that it looked good. I hope that I will be able to find a job as a seamstress sooner, because in Nikšić there are no work opportunities for tourist technicians. Moreover, I will be able to sew for myself and my family, and maybe earn some additional income“.

Zorica Milošević, Director of the National Employment Service of the Republic of Serbia, Kragujevac – Branch Office Užice

“Cooperation of NES Branch Office Užice with other partners was very successful and we jointly carried out a series of activities to make the ultimate effect of the project positive. We conducted a pre-selection among unemployed women and in collaboration with the Women’s Centre we formed a group of trainees who successfully completed the training. We hope that our successful cooperation will continue and that we shall, in collaboration with our partners, find the module for their employment.“

Denisa Ljubunčić, a trainee

‘I am a refugee from Bosnia, and I came to Užice in 1992 and since that time I am trying to find a job. I dropped my high textile school in the third year and it has always been a problem in finding a job. This training meant a lot to me because I was able not only to refresh my old knowledge but also to learn something new and use it in my future work. I see this as a chance for a new job and a better life. I would like to thank to the Women’s Centre for the opportunity they have given me.“