Operating Structures

The bodies and designated heads (IPA-Component II co-ordinators as per Art 32(2) IPA Implementing Regulation) appointed by the National IPA Co-ordinators for overseeing their country's participation in IPA-Component II programmes (Operating structures) are as follows:

Republic of Serbia
Republic of Montenegro
The EU Integration office

Nemanjina 34
11000 Belgrade
Ministry for European Integration
Stanka Dragojevica 2
81000 Podgorica

The operating structures of the beneficiary countries under the Serbia-Montenegro IPA Cross-border Programme are responsible for programming and technical implementation of the programme and are designated and put in place by the beneficiary countries as outlined below:

• For cross-border programme Serbia - Montenegro, each participating beneficiary country have established an operating structure for the part of the programme relating to the country concerned;
• The duties of the operating structures  include the preparation of the cross-border programmes in accordance with Article 91 IPA Implementing Regulation;
• The operating structures of the participating beneficiary countries  co-operate closely in the programming and implementation of the relevant cross-border programme;
• For each cross-border programme among beneficiary countries, the relevant operating structures were set up a joint technical secretariat to assist the operating structures and the joint monitoring committee referred to in Article 142 IPA Implementing Regulation in carrying out their respective duties;
• In the event of centralised management, functions and responsibilities of the operating structures are defined in the relevant cross-border programme, to the exclusion of tendering, contracting and payments, which are the responsibility of the Commission;
• Each participating country shall appoint its representatives, including representatives of the operating structure responsible for the programme, to sit on the joint monitoring committee. With regard to the composition of the joint monitoring committee, due account shall be taken of provisions of Article 87 IPA Implementing Regulation. The joint monitoring committee shall be chaired by a representative of one of the participating countries. (Article 142(3) IPA Implementing Regulation);
• The operating structures of the participating beneficiary countries and the joint monitoring committee shall ensure the quality of the implementation of the cross-border programme. They shall carry out monitoring by reference to the indicators referred to in Article 94(1)(d) IPA Implementing Regulation.

Functions of the Operating Structures
The Operating Structures are, iter alia, responsible for:
• Preparing the cross-border programme in accordance with Art 91 IPA Implementing Regulation;
• Nominating their representative(s) to the joint monitoring committee;
• Establishing the Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) and recruiting its staff;
• Preparing and implementing the strategic decisions of the JMC, where necessary with the support of the JTS;
• Establish a system, with support from the JTS, for gathering reliable information on the programme's implementation and provide relevant information to the JMC, IPA-Component II co-ordinators and EU Commission;
• Ensuring implementation quality of the cross-border programme, together with the JMC, inter alia by monitoring with reference to indicators as per Art 94 (1) (d) IPA Implementing Regulation;
• Timely submission of the annual and final reports as per Art 144 IPA Implementing Regulation to the national IPA co-ordinators and the Commission, following examination by the JMC;
• Ensuring the monitoring of commitments and payments at programme level;
• Ensuring that grant beneficiaries make adequate provisions for project progress and financial reporting (monitoring) as well as sound financial management (control);
• Supporting the Contracting Authorities, as appropriate (e.g. by providing models for tender documentation, reviewing grant project budgets, drafting contracts and related documentation to acquire consultancies, goods and services required for the pursuit of the activities of grant beneficiaries or under the TA priority axis for approval and further handling by Delegation of European union in Belgrade and Podgorica). This task may be delegated to the Joint technical secretariat;
• Ensuring grant beneficiaries are supported in carrying out procurement procedures. This task may be delegated to the JTS;
• Organising information and publicity-actions with a view to awareness raising of the opportunities provided by the Cross-border Programme, or mandating the JTS to support these or to carry them out (including drafting an information and publicity plan for adoption by the JMC);
• If so mandated by the JMC, preparing revisions or examinations of the Cross-border programme likely to make possible the attainment of the objectives referred to in art 86(2) IPA Implementing Regulation or to improve its management.

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