Joint technical secretariat

Set up and organisation

According to Article 139(4) of the IPA Implementing Regulation, the operating structures were set up a Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) to assist the operating structures and the JMC in carrying out their respective duties. The JTS may have antennae established in each participating country.

In the IPA Cross-border Programme Serbia-Montenegro, the JTS was established by joint agreement between the two co-ordinating authorities. Details are set out in this agreement. The JTS is responsible for the day-to-day implementation of the Programme. Also, the JTS ensures the liaison between the Operating Structures. The Joint Technical Secretariat is jointly managed by both Operating Structures.

Organisation and staffing of the joint technical secretariat

The JTS  is based in Prijepolje, Republic of Serbia. An antenna in Montenegro is in Bijelo Polje. The JTS is managed  by the Head of Secretariat. The JTS has an  international staff, including both Montenegrin and Serbian nationals. The JTS is composed of staff appointed by both Operating Structures. The number and qualification of staff  correspond to the tasks defined below. Staff of the JTS should cover the relevant languages - Montenegrin/Serbian and English.

The operation of the JTS, including staffing costs, is funded from the Technical Assistance Priority Axis. More detailed rules on the operation of the JTS are included in a bilateral agreement between the Operating Structures.

Its activities will be carried out according to a work plan annually approved by the JMC.

Tasks of the JTS

The JTS is responsible for the day-to-day implementation of the programme pursuant to the provisions of the implementing agreement concluded between the Serbian and Montenegrin Operating Structures and according to the provisions of national and EU legislation.

The JTS is assisting the Joint Monitoring Committee and the Operating Structures in carrying out their duties, and in particular it is responsible, inter alia, for the following tasks:

  • Providing inputs to annual and final reports on the Cross-border programme;
  • Organising meetings of the Joint Monitoring Committee and of the joint Steering Committee, including drafting and distribution of minutes;
  • In close co-operation with the Operating Structures, planning and implementing information campaigns and other activities related to raising public awareness on the programme;
  • Receiving and registering project applications and organising the work of joint Steering Committees, including drafting of administrative compliance and eligibility reports;
  • Preparing, under the guidance and with the support of the Contracting Authorities and Operating Structures, standardised forms for project application, evaluation grids, guidelines for applicants, implementation, monitoring and grant project reporting (including financial reporting) based as much as possible on templates and models included in the PRAG;
  • Organising programmes of info days and workshops for potential applicants, ensuring a good coverage of the eligible region;
  • Assisting potential applicants in partner search and project development;
  • Encouraging project applications and providing guidance to the applicants;
  • Advising grant beneficiaries in project implementation, for example by organising procurement and monitoring workshops;
  • Develop and maintain a network of stakeholders;
  • Create and update a database of potential applicants and participants in workshops and other events;
  • Prepare, conduct and report on monitoring visits to CBC projects;
  • Prepare and publish publicity material on the cross-border programme;
  • Design and maintain an up-to-date programme website;

Attendance at regular Operating Structures' meetings and training events.

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