Priority axes

Overall Strategic Objective of the Cross Border Programme

The overall strategic goal for the programme recognises the need to stimulate the economy by building on the human, natural and economic resources of the area in a spirit of intense cooperation.




To bring together the people, communities and economies of the border area to jointly participate in the development of a cooperative area, using its human, natural, cultural and economic resources and advantages.


Specific Objectives


The overall aim of the programme, with the core elements of the strategy derived from the SWOT analysis, have together led to the formulation of the following specific objectives, focussing on what needs to be achieved:


1. Strengthening the incentives for SME development in the border areas;
2. Development of tourism as a key sector of the border economy;
3. Promoting cross-border trade cooperation and accessibility to markets;
4. (Re-) Establishing cross border links between business and trade support organisations to promote joint cooperative initiatives;
5. Maintaining the high quality of the border area environment as an economic resource by cooperating in joint protection and exploitation initiatives;
6. Strengthening cross-border ‘people-to-people' interaction to reinforce ethnic, educational and cultural and sporting links and to share in joint areas of common interest.


The above specific objectives focus on the establishment of a sound basis for the joint activities in the eligible areas. The programme will also take into account the following basic principles:


• Equal opportunities for all;
• Meeting particular needs of the disadvantaged, disabled or ethnic minorities;
• Protection of the natural and built environment in order to support sustainable development;
• Partnership and joint ownership of actions.


Priority and Measures
The strategic and specific objectives are closely targeted to delivering results and favourable outcomes that address the specific needs of the eligible area. The activities foreseen under this programme have been designed on the basis of the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) and taking into account the limited financial allocations. The co-financing guarantees that the EU principle of additionality will be respected.
The SWOT analysis indicates that the programme assistance should be concentrated on the following Priority.



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