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b_200_150_16777215_00_images_stories_goca.jpgPODGORICA, August 5, 2010 - The Montenegrin government formally submitted to the EU Delegation to Montenegro its strategy and action plan to combat corruption and organised crime. These are key documents in the country's plans for accession to the EU.

 The Head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador Leopold Maurer met today with the Minister for European Integration, Professor Gordana Djurovic, who submitted the strategy for 2010 - 2014 and the action plan for achieving its implementation for the next two years.
The European Commission will give its assessment on the documents as part of the European Commission's Opinion on Montenegro's application for EU membership in autumn.
“The fight against organised crime and corruption is the first priority in the area of political criteria in the EU integration process” Ambassador Maurer said. “A country wishing to join the EU needs to have an appropriate legal and institutional setup, effective preventive and law enforcement bodies, as well as an independent judiciary and prosecution. Progress in regard to the legal framework and the institutional set up has been made but further decisive action needs to be taken”.
Emphasising the key role of state institutions, as having primary responsibility in the fight against organised crime and corruption, Ambassador Maurer also pointed out the important role of civil society organisations and the media. Only by working together in a constructive manner will the fight against organised crime and corruption become fully effective, he stressed.
Ambassador Maurer concluded that the fight against organised crime and corruption will have to show further real results. A solid track record of convictions in corruption cases remains to be established, particularly in cases of high-level corruption. Therefore, Montenegro needs to address this already at a very early stage in the integration process.

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