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b_200_150_16777215_00_images_stories_DSC_21305.jpgPODGORICA, May 13, 2010 - The Chamber of Economy of Montenegro in partnership with the EU Delegation to Montenegro held a round table discussion on Montenegro's EU path to mark European SME Week in Podgorica.

Head of the EU Delegation to Montenegro Ambassador Leopold Maurer said in his introductory speech that success in the fight against corruption and organised crime, as well as strengthening the rule of law, will promote the development of business sector in Montenegro.

"This is why we are so insistent that reforms are adopted and thoroughly implemented", Ambassador Maurer said. He added that the EU had provided substantial funds to help the SME sector develop its capacities and improve the business environment in the country.

President of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro Mr. Velimir Mijuskovic spoke about the challenges and priorities for Montenegro in the EU integration process. He explained that one of these largest challenges would be to develop the competitiveness of the Montenegrin SME sector within the EU market.

Minister for European Integration Prof. Gordana Djurovic said that once Montenegro becomes an EU member state, a significant number of Montenegro's SMEs will be able to grow further in the European market.

"Accession to the EU has stimulated growth in new member states, they have entered an intensive process to modernise their economies, by developing a model of functional market economics and capacities to cope with the pressure of competition in the common market," Minister Djurovic said.

Minister Djurovic explained that by joining the EU Montenegro's GDP is expected to grow by two percent each year which will result in more spending and higher revenues.

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