The Ministry of European Integration of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, as Contracting Authority, in cooperation with the Ministry of European Affairs of Montenegro and the Ministry of Finance of the Government of the Republic of Serbia - Department for Contracting and Financing of European Union funded Programmes (CFCU), launches call for expression of the interest for the assessment of the project proposals received under the 1st Calls for Proposals of the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Serbia - Montenegro for the financial perspective 2014-2020 (reference: EuropeAid/139073/ID/ACT/Multi).

The potential Candidates have to meet the following requirements set as minimum:

Qualifications and skills:

  • The experts need to have at least a university degree
  • Excellent knowledge of English language and local languages;
  • Computer literacy;
  • Good analitical and drafting skills;
  • Willingnes to travel to the neighbouring countries, if required.

General professional experience:

  • The experts need to have minimum 5 years of general professional experience.

Specific professional experience:

  • Have a minimum 3 (three) years of relevant working experience with EU funded programmes and projects;
  • 2 years proven experience in sectors relevant to the thematic priorities and specific objectives of the Call for proposal;
  • Previous experience in project proposal assessment of EU funded progammes and projects or other donnors in the Western Balkan countries and related calls for proposals will be considered as an advantage;
  • Knowledge of IPA CBC Programmes in the Western Balkan countries will also be an advantage.

The objective of this call for expressions of interest is to set up a list of interested candidates.

Once the list is drawn up the Contracting Authority may select and invite qualified candidates to participate in exercise and interview. The conditions for the later participation and the selection of the successful candidates are specified in the detailed “Terms of Reference for for experts ("assessors") to assist in the evaluation of grant applications received in the framework of the call for proposals” (reference: EuropeAid/139073/ID/ACT/Multi).

If you are interested in participating in the subject call for expression of interest, please send an email to the functional mailbox of the Department for cross-border and transnational cooperation programmes and cooperation with local and regional authorities and organizations for more efficient use of funds: with attached in prescribed format CV in English language.

When sending an e-mail please indicate the following reference in the subject line: "Expression of interest - reference: EuropeAid/139073/ID/ACT/Multi".

All interested parties who have submitted the above mentioned data by 15:00 hrs CET on 23/2/2018 will be included in the list.

N.B. Inclusion on the list does not commit the Contracting Authority to invite potential candidate to participate in exercise and interview.